Big Launcher Update

Hey guys!

We are here with an excellent update. We changed the design of the launcher that you will use to enter the world of MetaVision. We also added some features. We are sure you will like the new design very much. Let's take a look at these new updates together:

First of all, you will see a brand new design on the main page. There are many features in here. Let's start with the chat. You will be able to add friends and chat with them from the chat section on the right. You will have the opportunity to add people you meet in the game and chat with them here.

You will be able to easily connect your wallet by clicking on the wallet button just above the chat section. At the same time, by clicking on the shop section, you will be able to do your shopping from the NFT Marketplace section that we are designing.

This is exactly how the items you purchased from the NFT Marketplace will appear in your inventory. You can easily choose and enter the game. We can't wait for you to show off your unique style at MetaVision!

You will be able to optimize the settings of the game according to the features of your computer from the settings section next to the Play now button. In this way, you can connect to the game without any problems.

Let's give another good news: We are working on VR optimization and will be completed in a short time. There are only a few days left before you can experience the unique MetaVision world with VR technology.

We know that you will like the new design of Launcher very much. It will be with you soon. Stay tuned for new updates!

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