Launcher and Beta Demo

This week we have huge updates for you. Beta demo of MetaStreet and Launcher is coming! This is just a demo and full version of MetaStreet will be ready in July.


You will be able to download the launcher on our website and jump in to MetaStreet in this week. Not only MetaStreet, but also you will join Tron, MetaLands and Vision areas through the launcher when we release them in the future. We will be able to update the game easily via the Launcher. Besides all the benefits you will also see news and announcements in the launcher. We just wanted you not to miss any updates. To play the game, you will create an account in the launcher. Rest is a fun-filled day!

Beta Demo and the Map of MetaStreet

Before the full version we wanted show you what is coming in the next months. You will see some sample stores, some npc and MetaBillboards in the Beta Demo. You will be happy walking in MetaMarine, and enjoy watching the surroundings in the center of MetaStreet. We believe you will love the graphics and will see that we are gonna start a new era on Metaverse!

Let's have a look at the map of MetaStreet. You will see an amazing centre where there will be big commercials and huge activities. We have streets which are connected to centre and there will be stores where you can buy assets and original products. We will start to announce the first stores which will exist in the MetaStreet in the future. Lastly you will see MetaMarine where is the luxury part of MetaStreet.

After the Beta Demo we will continue to develop the design of MetaStreet and add some new features on it. The full version will blow your mind!

Also we will have a surprise partnership about MetaBillboards in upcoming days.

Enjoy the game!

See you soon.

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