Sample Stores and Character Selection

Hey everyone we just wanted give you quick update about sample stores and info about character selection screen.

Sample Stores

Here you can find some sample stores visuals. As you know there will be a lot of stores in MetaStreet. In some of them you will be able to buy in-game assets like clothes for your character or furnitures for your home in MetaLand. In others you will be able to buy original products. There will be servers based on location. For example if you live in Europe, you will have to join Europe server if you want to buy original product.

There will be also global server for global companies. We will start with a common server and then we will add the different servers when we agree with companies. Good news, we are already working on it and some firms are already in MetaStreet. Stay tuned for further announcements about it!

Character Selection

Before you join the game, you will see this character selection screen. There will be free characters for you to chose. 

Also we are designing some awesome characters to use it in game. These characters will be buyable as NFT on marketplaces. Hope you enjoy the first free characters.

See you soon!

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