Tokenomics Redesign

Tokenomics Redesign 

Hello everyone, as you all know, crypto is currently going through a dark time, but the community will survive this crisis as well. Nevertheless, times like these call for adjustments and flexibility. Because of this, we decided to change our tokenomics.

Total Raise and IMC Decrease 

At the beginning of the project we expected that the entire costs would have to be borne by fundraises. The fact is, the rush of corporate clients and their support is incredible. Furthermore, our development is progressing more effectively than estimated at the beginning, which is why demand has also fallen at this point. For this reason we lowered the total raise from 8.4 million to 5.1 million. This also lowers the initial market cap from 822k to 431k.

Lower Inflation Rate 

Because of the support from corporate partners and the monthly cash flow generated as a result, we generally do not need any additional income from token sales for development and marketing, especially in the first year. For this reason, these tokens are blocked for the first 6 months and are released quarterly in small quantities just to be on the safe side. As a result, the inflation rate falls significantly, which ensures excellent price stability. The initial maximum inflation rate was 870% in the first year, with the new changes we are now at 537%. As I said, this is the maximum inflation rate, if no tokens are released and sold for development and marketing, the real inflation rate is 507% in the first year.

Higher Liquidity 

An important issue for healthy price stability is the quantity attached to liquidity. We increased these significantly and also added the CEX requirements for 2-3 CEX to our calculations. MetaVision will be rolled out simultaneously to multiple mid-size CEX alongside the DEX launch.

TGE Price Movement 

The TGE event is one of the most important events for a token, which is why most projects do everything they can to achieve high growth on this day, but most forget about the development in the following days, making positive development short-lived. That's why we at MetaVision are already working now to support a long-lasting positive trend. As you know, the income from the Corporate Partners is used to buy back tokens from the market, which guarantees a huge price increase. In order not to concentrate everything on one day, these earnings will be used over a period of 30 days to buy back tokens. This also applies to the following months, which means that a positive increase is directly supported by us at all times. After the TGE event, the NFT land sales will start, which means that another huge increase is expected. This WILL NOT be controlled by us, so the total amount raised WILL directly increase the token price as the land sales are conducted with our token. The collected tokens are burned in total in a one-time event. We will be doing this in virtual reality and rewarding participants in this event with a unique digital asset to customize their character. Events of this art generally cause a natural increase in the price of tokens and strengthen the connection of the community.


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