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MetaStreet Updates

Creation of the 3D designs for MetaStreet

As it is known, MetaVision has a structure consisting of 4 main sections: MetaStreet, MetaLands, Tron and Vision. We will first present to you the launch of the MetaStreet segment at the end of the Q2 of 2022.

For this reason, we first started to design for the MetaSteet. While the MetaStreet designs were being made, a universe was designed in which you would enjoy walking around the streets and visiting virtual stores. You will not be able to understand how time passes in this universe, and you will have a lot of fun while strolling. In addition, street designs, buildings, virtual stores and billboard placements were made.

In particular, we examined sample studies about which mega-cities people prefer to visit while designing the buildings and billboards in and around the square. As a result of this review, we took the squares in cities such as New York and Hong Kong as an example. Now, instead of buying a plane ticket and going to these cities, you can have a unique experience with MetaVision by turning on your computer or using your VR device.

Forget real-life stores. We have planned beautiful and unique store designs for you. Moreover, we will share a new piece of information with you: When you enter any store on MetaStreet, you will be moving to a different map level, so we have not set a standard limit for store sizes, considering both companies and you. We are coming to open your horizons with futuristic store designs.

Alpha Demo

With the first appearance of MetaStreet designs, we released an Alpha demo to start seed sales. With the Alpha demo, the spirit of the metaverse first appeared in the MetaStreet section of the MetaVision project. We only showed the Alpha demo to our potential partners in seed sales interviews and everyone who saw it loved the concept.

Beta Demo

After the Alpha demo came out, we worked even harder, enlarging the map and beautifying the designs. We know you haven't seen the Alpha demo, you would love to review it, but don't worry, we will present the Beta demo for you very soon. You will be able to experience this unique experience with the newly added designs on the expanded map in the beta demo.

Company Interviews for Stores

We are very selective in choosing companies for the stores that will take place on MetaStreet. We are negotiating with companies for partnership agreements, which are known as one of the best in their sectors, which excite us and will really excite you. We will be announcing the names of these companies very soon and when these names are announced, everyone will be talking about MetaVision. You can be sure of that.

Web site v.1.0 released

We are here with a brand new website. We renewed our website as a smooth website with MetaVision and MetaStreet map and special characters and designs.

The most basic feature that has changed on our website has been the scroll structure on the home page. With the first login on the site, you are involved in a story. By scrolling down/up, you can feel the smooth transitions on the main page of the site and continue the story and you can see how different and special a site we have created from other sites.

You will be able to follow the news in the Newsroom section, you will be able to see all our officially announced partners in the Partners section, and you will be able to send us your views and comments in the Contact section, as well as be aware of the current developments with an e-newslatter subscription. In addition, we have designed a site for you in the Diary section, where you can see our every update about development and even be intimate with us.

Updates with NFT Marketplace and MetaLand will be available soon on our website. Stay tuned!

Partner Agreements

As you know, we have partnered with VC and other projects that can contribute to MetaVision. Our goal is to completely empower MetaVision.

Negotiations for partnership agreements continue. In the future, we will announce our new and very strong partnerships here. We’re sure you'll be as excited as we are when we announce these names.

You can check the officially announced partnerships at any time in the Partners section of our website.

MetaLand & NFT Marketplace

After TGE, we will present the launch of MetaLand, where we will make land sales quickly without making you wait too long. We have completed our work on the software infrastructure required for the MetaLand map. We have already started to experience the excitement of owning your own real estate by purchasing both land sales and NFT living spaces, which will be located on the land, through the NFT Marketplace, which we have designed for you.

We continue to work on a design for the NFT Marketplace that is visually pleasing and easy to use. You will be able to create character you want to be in the game with the wearable NFT items and characters you buy at different rarity levels from the NFT Marketplace. We are already wondering which users will choose and create which characters.

Tron World

Tron World is the most important and biggest area of our project. We started the work in this field long ago and we will always continue our work. So far we have completed the Tron World map drawing and we have finalized the initial work visually as some of you have already seen.

One of the most important features of Tron World is that there will be different tasks according to different personality traits. You will be able to do different tasks according to your character and earn money. We are aware of how exciting this is, but for this, you will have to wait a little longer as you can see on the roadmap.


The reason why we wrote Vision (which is the simplest region for us to design) last on the roadmap, is our aim to create a very strong community and became popular. After fully drawing everyone's attention to us with the MetaVision project, we will have fun at the most beautiful events in the Vision region, with the deals we will make with incredible names. We have big plans for Vision. When the time comes we'll have fun like crazy.

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